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Align Software Architecture To Software Use

Human brain is the seat of numerous faculties the human posses. When we design product or software we should be building on architectures that recognizes the multiple faculties of the human mind and facilitates adequate use of all theses faculties and allows us to share our skills with one another .


An architecture honors human faculties

Visual Analytics specializes in custom building software architectures for your business. Software architecture brings different pieces of software together to achieve your business goal.

Visual Analytics uses patented methodology to bring software architecture into requirement analysis and its management. The technology allows the architecture to evolve with the software such that the business goals are aligned with software goals through out software lifecycle.

Our software architecture not only supports the running of the software but also maintaining it ,keeping pace with requirement changes during the life of the software.

Our software architecture extracts the different aspects of the software and makes it possible for a team to work together while every member of the team works in the area that he or she specializes in.

At a more detail level of software development our methodology separates out software chunks that need special faculty or skill of individuals and make sure at the end these chunks work together.




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